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Cyber Risk Management

Cyber Risk Management (Cyber Risk Framework) vital ingredients to aid project delivery securely. At CSDC, we have many years' experience of designing and delivering risk management frameworks, including NIST. From development of bespoke threat assessment (tailored to your requirements / project) that in turn informs the assessment of risk and the methodology, to deliver a prioritised risk list and RTP (Risk Treatment Plan) get in touch today to be one step closer to defending your enterprise. Contact Us NOW to receive further information.

cyber risk management
Penetration testing and scoping

Penetration Testing

Technical assurance is required for best practice project delivery. All of the security enforcing functions have been designed and implemented. Then, the next stage before the operational readiness review and acceptance-into-service (Go-Live) those security enforcing functions now need to be tested. Our consultants can provide the support you need. We have security consultants available to scope the Pen Test, by identifying the principal security concerns (PSC's) and writing a scoping document, to then discuss internally with our Pen Test team and you the customer and your stakeholders to deliver a Cyber Secure solution. Contact Us NOW to receive further information.

Phishing Simulation Test

One of the biggest cyber risks that exists for businesses today is a targeted malware attack deployed by a technique known as "Spear Phishing" by Cybercriminals. These types of attack if successful can have devastating consequences on any business. Cybercriminals will spend time fingerprinting your organisation preparing the attack, how susceptible is your organisation? Well, we can tell you. Tell us nothing, and we will tell you everything you need to know to defend yourself against these types of attacks, when we test your organisation. Contact Us NOW to receive further information.

phishing simulation defences
Professional Services

Professional Services

We partner with some of the market leading vendors in hardware and software solutions for security and infrastructure. If your project requires subject matter expertise, we have resources that can help design, creating High-Level and Low-Level designs to implement products from:-

Cyber Security Maturity Model (As-is - To-be)

Our own in-house model. Designed and developed over years of lessons learned with cyber maturity reviews. Who wants a team of consultants to write a 200 page report that no one ever reads let alone expedites the content? We have developed a system that delivers exactly what you need in a single page, YES, a wall infographic from CMO, current mode of operations (as-is) to FMO, future mode of operation, (to-be). We provide the journey between these two points. From, issue identification, to initiative roadmaps, transformation blueprints and investment cases. our system works with any security scope large or small. To see we can help you, Contact Us NOW to receive further information.

Cyber Security Maturity Model Assessment
Cloud Security Architecture

Cloud Security

The journey from On-Premise (Data Centre) to the to the cloud, fully or in a hybrid operational model can be challenging, if you don't get the basics correct. Cloud adoption and the framework used in the journey to the cloud, put simply is the most important element of the Journey. If it's addressing the skills gap on your journey to the cloud, for instance a cloud security architect, cloud security governance or a combination of the two, we can help with subject matter experts for Microsoft Azure or AWS (Amazon Web Services) to design and document your security solutions inline with your business and security requirements. Contact Us NOW to receive further information.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Open Source intelligence is the collection and analysis of data gathered from open sources (overt and publicly available sources) Our highly trained consultants, (Former Law Enforcement Officers) working in Open Source investigation can provide a number of bespoke services, from threat intelligence to brand surveillance, we work in all corners of the web giving early warning of impending cyber attacks, to your business. We also provide a KYC (Know your customer) service, who are you dealing with?, what is the risk? have suspicions? Also we provide straightforward investigative services using this methodology, is an employee stealing and selling goods on the Internet, we can help. Contact Us NOW to receive further information.

Open Source Intelligence investigators
Digital Forensic investigators

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics is a branch of forensic science that focuses on identifying, acquiring, processing, analysing, and reporting on data stored electronically. Electronic evidence is a component of almost all criminal activities and digital forensics support is crucial for law enforcement investigations. Digital forensic capabilities are vital to any organisation. The first step in the journey is to have a forensic readiness plan that details all of your organisational digital forensic requirements in the event of an incident. we can help define the forensic readiness policy and be your trusted partner to complete any digital forensic investigation that may be required. we can help. Contact Us NOW to receive further information.

Vulnerability Lifecycle Management

Vulnerability lifecycle management is one of the most difficult to implement and manage in any enterprise, but also one the key mitigations and defences your organisation needs to employ. In our experience over the years we have seen organisations fail to deploy even the most basic patching regime, quickly, efficiently and consistently. based on this we have partnered with the market leading vulnerability assessment tooling company, plus market leading service management tooling, to deploy our vulnerability Lifecycle Management platform, deploying scanning, patch delivery, resolver group implementation and reporting as a managed service. A trusted service that can be relied upon to deliver you effective and efficient vulnerability management service. we can help. Contact Us NOW to receive further information.

Vulnerability managed service


Have any additional questions about our services?

We have consultants that have worked in high threat environments for Government, also for Policing at the more serious and organised sector, large law firms, Pharma companies, and the M.O.D, a quite diverse array of sectors. It’s our role to provide you, your company / organisation with security consultant(s) that can provide the best possible security outcome for your service, solution or project. Our process is repeatable whatever the sector. We identify security risk, and pragmatic security controls to mitigate the risks based on your risk appetite. Our process also identifies your legal and regulatory requirements from a security view point

Criminals want to trick you into giving your information to them – this is known as phishing. They’re hoping that you’ll click on fake links to sites or open attachments, so they can steal data or install malicious software. Malicious emails account for nearly three quarters of security breaches or attacks. It’s often a good idea to pass round screenshots of any phishing emails that have been received by staff to make sure everyone is aware of them and can more easily identify any future suspicious emails.

Once you have made contact via phone or email we will discuss your requirements and provide further information on our service(s) that you have expressed an interest, then arrange for a visit if interest is sufficient for one of our experts to understand in detail, to provide a valid quotation for you. if you procure the service, contracts, statements of work, projects plans and finally an allocated, dedicated project manager to deliver the service you require.

You will be surprised how many companies have the same question, but fail to actually do anything about it. If you don’t think you are then your probably not. That is why we devised our own unique solution to this problem and it is our

Cyber Security Maturity Model (As-is – To-be)

As phishing is an attack delivery method and your employees could be the weakest link in activating that delivery method, deploying, perhaps ransomware you can test your users to see if they can recognise a targeted (Spear) phishing email. depending on the scope of the test, you can just test your users a (white box) test where you provide us with a lot of detail then we deploy the test. Or you could perform the most rigorous test a (black box) test where you provide us just the company name (very little information) and we would test what an attacker would have to do to fingerprint (analyse attack pathways) your organisation. A full report with method and mitigations would be provided. See below for our brief service description.

Phishing Simulation Service

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